Sublimation T-Shirts

Sublimation T-Shirts

Sublimation t-shirt printing started back in France in the 1950s, however, since recent years have taken the printing of garments to another different level.

The decision was made to go into sublimation t-shirt uk printing because not only are the colours vivid but there is longer wear of the garments for our customers.

When printing on a garment for sublimation, it is best printing on 100% polyester fabric.  This is because the dye will adhere better to the fibres.  However, not everyone like polyester fabric and as such, we also offer our customer sublimation t-shirts but with EasySubli by Siser.

This gives the same vivid colours but can be pressed on other fabrics such as cotton, jeans, etc.





Sublimation T-Shirts UK
Created With Purpose Faith T-shirt
By His Grace

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All products in the store are handmade and because of this, items are not massed produced.  Items are not stockpiled, therefore once order, it take roughly 3 – 5 days from order to delivery.