Wirebound A5 Notebook


Our wirebound A5 notebook has been added to our expanding collection of beautiful A5 notebook and are 100% handmade notebook journals are not only beautiful to look at but one that you will enjoy writing it.

At times we want to write down our thoughts or better still our next big business idea and a personalised handmade notebook will come in handy at the right time.

Because of low production of each item, extra care is taken when items are being made.  This way quality is assured in all products sold.

In addition to notebooks, there are also bookmarks.  This can either be metal, MDF board or resin.

At times we want to jot down our thoughts especially when we are meditating on the Word of God.

Each bookmark can have the same design as the notebook or you can choose a pre-made design from our store.


Wirebound A5 Notebook

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All products in the store are handmade and because of this, items are not massed produced.  Items are not stockpiled, therefore once order, it take roughly 3 – 5 days from order to delivery.