Marriage The Biblical Way Set By God

Marriage - The Biblical Way Set By God

Written By: Odette

July 26, 2021

Marriage – The Biblical Way

What is marriage?

Marriage the Biblical way set by God, is an institution which God designed and instituted to extend His kingdom.  By telling Abraham that his descendants will be like the stars.

Family system was created to reproduce and to multiply.  When a man marries, he has to leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh as in Genesis 2:24.

Adam and Eve were the first marriage.  God stated that it was not good for man to be alone and this is why he created a woman as a partner as in Genesis 2:18.  

God needed a caretaker to take care of His creation on earth (Adam).

We are set apart because of God’s love for his pleasure.  He was pleased after He created Eve.

Throughout the Bible, Christ and the church are is a covenant marriage.

Marriage The Biblical Way

Why is it so important to the Lord?

This is important to the Lord for union and the repopulation of the earth.  We all have to aline with the plan of the Lord.

God wants the Earth to be populated and this only way this can be done is through the union of a man and a woman.

The only sexual union that is acceptable to the Lord is between a man and a woman who are married.

Throughout the Bible, we see that marriage was the most common union and this is because marriage is a covenant between a male and female.  This is also a covenant relationship that is set by the Lord.

In Proverbs 18:22, we are told that “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from the Lord.”

Marriage - The Biblical Way Set By God

Who opposes marriage and why?

Satan is the main opposer to marriages.  He is not happy for man coming and taking dominion over the earth.  Love not tested is not love, obedience not tested love, faith not tested in not love.

Prior to the creation of man, the angels of the Lord has free reign on this earth, however, when God created man, all this changed, which caused the enemy to become exceedingly angry.  It can be argued that the enemy is completely and totally jealous of us humans. (Genesis when God told Adam to have dominion over the earth).

The Holy One of Israel who is the Lord God Almighty,  loves marriages and the enemy hates everything that the Lord loves.  There is always a constant battle going on.

Whether or not we believe or want to accept it, we are in the middle of a war and we have to stand and fight for the things of God.

How to deal with conflict in marriages?


Physical Aspects

Marriage is for grown up and not for boys and girls.  Don’t misinterpret what I am say.  In order to maintain a successful mattress, there has to be some level of maturity in both individuals.

We need to know the main purpose of marriage before we decide to get married.There are some who marry young and still manage to stay together for a long time.

People will look at marriages in different ways.  Some may see it as a opportunity to find true love, some may think that marriage is their only way of escapimg poverty.  However, not understanding what marriage is really all about can bring conflict.

Patience is needed in marriage, wisdom, love (wrong motives in marriage will not last).  i.e. money, looks, job, etc.  when all these dry up then the cracks will start to show.

Wrong motives.

Wrong character traits – people who have their own weakness, which can also bring conflicts in marriage.  Due to the social up bringing and how people are brought up.

Spiritual Aspects

Some may not believe in the spiritual realm.  There are spiritual entity that can cause man to act in a manner that at times they cannot understand.

It is the spiritual that supersedes the physical world.

For example if someone has excessive anger, this can be controlled by spiritual.

It is often difficult for someone to admit that they have a problem, however, once this problem is addressed, you will be surprised how wonderful the marriage will be.

As stated above, most issues in marriages are caused by spiritual intervention working behind the scene to break up marriages.

Let’s make the impossible and conflict in marriages become possible again.  Let us stand and fight for our marriages.

For every problem there is always a solution


Although the Lord does not like divorce, there is instance when He will allow it.  If we don’t understand what marriage is about then we will abuse it.  One can say that God winks at the time of our ignorance.  God is a God of second chances and when we understand, He will judge us.  

Because of pure love towards us, when we make a mistake, He will not hold it towards us.  This does not mean that we must abuse the love that God has for us.  Any sin that we deliberately do, He is hold it against us.

What will overcome is His strength – He will give us the wisdom, understanding and strength and knowledge to go forward in any subsequent marriages.

For someone who is born again and choosing to divorce, it can be argued that they do not have spiritual incite.  By not reading the Bible and absorbing the Word this will cause a Christian to be defeated in matters relating to spirituality.

To resist we need the Word of God (James 4:7). By re-inforcing ourselves in the Word of God, it will renew our thinking.  Whilst at times we may be under attack mentally, if we keep resisting the voice of the enemy, then he will flee.

Anything that is coming into the mind that is going contrary to the Word of God, is the enemy.  This is why we need to feed ourselves constantly with the word.

If there is any spirit in the person, this needs to be cast out of the person (deliverance).  There are demonic entities that fight both marriages and individuals.  When we are not in the Lord they have the power but when we come to the Lord, He takes over.  

Happy Couple
How can we enjoy your

Although we will have problems, the main thing is how to overcome these problems. Don’t let the sun goes down on our wrath.  One person has to be the bigger person, put down pride.  We need to turn to the word of God and be in tune.

Unsaved persons

For those who do not know the Lord, God instrituted marriage which is the foundation.  Jesus is the way and you should turn to Jesus who is the word.  He will help you to overcome whatever problems you may be facing.  

Do not leave sorting out the problem to your own understanding nor looking to another human (parents, friends, psychologist).  You have to go to the manufacturer, which is God.  Take the manual (Bible) because it is God who instituted marriage and He is the only one who can help us to know and understand what marriage is about.


Turn to the bible and take it as it is – do not lean on your own understanding.

If you need deliverance, go for this.  Do not look at one side and point fingers but accept that you too may be at fault.


One of the things that brings conflict is spiritual husbands and wives.  Have sex in dreams is not normal, although some may think it is.  Masterbation is also not normal.  Seek a minister who understands these things in order to obtain the help that is needed.

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