Taking A Leap of Faith With God

Taking A Leap of Faith With God

Written By: Odette

August 18, 2021

Taking A Leap of Faith With God


Taking a leap of faith with God and trust in God’s perfect timing and what the Lord tells us to do can be very nerve wracking.  Believe it or not, it can be one of the most difficult decisions that we make.  The enemy of us, will whisper the complete opposite.

What exactly is faith?  The Scripture tells us in Hebrews 11 vs 1, that “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  When I first read this, I was like “What?” “Huh?”, the evidence of things not seen.  I didn’t fully understand this until I started to read more of the Word of God and meditated on what it truly means.  

By having faith, we are telling the Lord Jesus that we are holding on to what He tells us despite what our mind is saying and how we are feeling.  We are also telling Him that we trust in God’s timing for our lives.  We are also showing the Lord that come what may, we are trusting Him and believing in His Word.

Throughout the Bible, we read on so many different persons who trusted the Lord despite all odds.  

Taking The Leap Of Faith


In Genesis 12:1, the Lord told Abram to leave his country and his family.  The Lord told him to go to a land that was complete foreign to him.  Instead of questioning what the Lord was saying he obeyed.  

If we are being honest with ourselves, myself included, we would be like, “no way, how am I going to survive, I can’t just get up and leave my home, how dangerous is this place.?  But despite all the questions that may have been going around in Abraham’s mind, he faithfully and willingly obeyed.

Because of his obedience, he was deemed righteous in the eyes of God, Romans 4:3.

At the age of 75, the Lord told Abraham that he would be the father of many nations and that he will have a son.  This promise this not come through until some 25 years later.  This was when Abraham turned 100 years old as can be read in Genesis 17.  

Abraham was patient and waited for 25 years.  Thinking about this, some of us find it difficult to wait 1 year much less 25 years.  

This is why when the Lord promises us something, we have to hold unto it because He tells us that His Word will not come back to Him void.  Therefore once spoken, God’s Word has to be fulfilled.

Noah's ark


In Genesis 6:9, we are introduced to Noah, whom along with his family loved the Lord.  Despite all the wickedness around them, they served the Lord.  

The Lord told Noah that he was going to destroy the earth.  Noah was given specific instructions to make an ark.  Believing in what the Lord told him, Noah obeyed as was can see in Genesis 6:22.

Can you imagine the laughter and ridicule that probably was hurled at Noah and his family for building this obviously huge ark.  Despite all this, Noah maintained his faith and trusted in the Lord.

In the end, we all know what happened to all those who were left outside the ark.

Joshua and Caleb

These two deserve a honorary mention because they believed in the Lord when all the others didn’t.

In the book of Joshua, when the children of Israel were about to enter the promise land, twelve spies including Joshua and Caleb, were sent out to spy out the land of Canaan.  Ten came back in fear.  Instead of looking at how mighty their God is, they looked at the fact that the people in that land were giants.

It was only Joshua and Caleb who believed in the God of Israel.  Because of their doubt, the older ones where not allowed to cross.  Only Joshua and Caleb from that era, were permitted to cross with their family.  All the others, died out and the younger generation were allowed to enter the promise land.  This is what one would call, so near and yet so far.

Another test of faith for Joshua was the walls of Jericho.  The Lord instructed Joshua who became the children of Israels leader to march around the walls of Jericho for 7 days.  Specific instructions were given for which Joshua obeyed.  

The citizens of Jericho must have thought that the Israelites were completely crazy by marching around the wall for days in complete silence.  But with the mighty hand of God, the walls came crumbling down at the shout and Joshua commanded the sun to keep still.  What mighty works we can do when we are obedient to the Lord.

For every problem there is always a solution


Despite losing his children, his livestock and his entire body covered in soars, he did not turn his back on the Lord.  His own wife told him to curse God but did he listened, of course not.  Job said “though He may slay me, I will trust Him”.  

In the end, because of his faithfulness, God bless Job and multiplied what he had lost.


Throughout the Bible, we can read about so many other people who had such faith in God that no matter what others say, they held firm and were not shaken.  

We are told in the scripture to trust in God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding (Proverbs 3: 5-6)

There are times when we know within our hearts what the Lord has instructed us to do and because of fear of what others will say or we think it will not work, we back down.  There maybe times as well when we know what God has told us to do but we cannot understand the outcome.  Do not rush the process but instead trust in God’s timing for any plan He has for you.

The enemy comes to only rob, steal, kill and destroyInstead of listening to what the enemy is telling us, why not block out the negativity and listen to that small still voice that is gently encouraging us to take the leap, to go into deep water, to be like a child and step out in faith.

Let us stop listening to the lies of the enemy because we all know that all he does is to rob, steal, kill and destroy.  Let us put our faith and trust in our heavenly Father who tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 that He knows the plans He has for us.  Let us continue to pray to the Lord and have faith knowing that He will answer us.



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