Who Does Our Hearts Belong To?

Who Does Our Hearts Belong To

Written By: Odette

October 29, 2022

Who Does Our Hearts Belong To


Who Does Our Hearts Belong To

Who does our hearts belong to is a simple question, I have come to realise after reading 2 Kings 9 & 10 that we can do the work for the Lord but our hearts to do not belong to Him.

In reading it, I was taken aback but this can actually be true.



In 2 Kings 9, Jehu was anointed to be king over Israel.  He was to execute the judgment against Ahab’s generation and Jezebel because of what they did to Naboth the Jezreelites (1 Kings 21).  He was to totally wipe out all of Ahab’s generation and anyone considered to be friends of Ahab.

In 2 Kings 10, we read this taking place.  Jehu order all 70 sons of Ahab be killed.  In fact, he went as far as to have all those who worshipped Baal instead of the one true and living God to be killed.  One can say that he was God’s instrument of judgment from the prophecy that was spoken by Elijah.

Who Does Our Heart Belongs To

Where Did It Go Wrong?


We further read from verse 29 that instead of moving forward in the things of the Lord, Jehu sinned against the Lord.

We read in verse 31 “but Jehu took no head to walk in the law of the LORD God of Isreal with all his heart; for he departed not from the sins of Jeroboam, which made Isreal to sin.

It may seem difficult to comprehend that someone who did such exploits for the Lord still failed to follow the Lord.

The fact is, his heart was not longing after God.  He did not enquire of the Lord what next to do like others in the Bible such as David did.

Who Does Our Hearts Belong To







 Food For Thought

We all need to examine ourselves and our motivesfor serving the Lord Jesus.  Are we serving Him based only on impulse or are we serving Him based on a willingness out of love and adoration.

Just like Jesus who was agonising in the garden and asked the Father to take the cup of what He was about to go through from Him.  However, out of His obedience and willingness, He stated “not my will but Yours be done.”

As we sit and meditate, let us get our hearts right with the Lord so that we can be sensitve to what the Lord wants us to do and walk in obedience and love.

Let us not be like Jehu whose heart was not searching and seeking to do the Father’s will but only carried out his task as someone who is employed.

Let us instead be willing to say “let Your will be done”.

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  1. James

    Thanks for sharing. The Lord should always have our hearts

  2. Melina Whittick

    Thanks for sharing, the Lord wants our hearts and that is why we must serve him.

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