Whose Report Do We Listen To?

Whose Report Do We Listen To

Written By: Odette

October 2, 2022


Often times, we listen to other people instead of going straight to the source, which is God Himself.  I am at times guilty of this, however, as my relationship grows with the Lord, I am learning to trust what He says above everyone else.  At times, it is not easy but this is a learning curve and we cannot be too hard on ourselves.

Learning from the past

After 12 men came back from spying out the land of Canaan, 10 gave a bad report.  They saw the giants of the land and were afraid.  Only Joshua and Caleb did not fear the gaints because they trusted the Lord and had faith in Him. They witnessed firsthand all the miracles performed by the Lord in the exodus from Egypt, therefore, they had no reason not to believe that the Lord will do it again.

The mercy of the Lord kept them through the 40 years of wondering in the desert.  They did not lack anything.

Due to the unbelief of the 10, (Numbers 13 – 26-33) the Lord’s anger rose against them.  They had completely forgotten all the miracles/signs that the Lord did for them.  Not only did they see the mighty power of God in Egypt against the Egyptians, while they were in the desert, they were completely taken care of.  They were fed, given water to drink and they were protected from any danger through the mighty hand of the Almighty God.  Surely it could have dawned on them that since the Lord took them through and kept them all these years, He was not about to forsake them when they were so close to the Promised Land.

When they realised the fatal mistake they made in not trusting and believing on the Lord, they took it upon themselves to fight the Amalekites on their own (Numbers 14 – 39-45).  Those who went failed miserably because the Lord was not with them in battle.

In the end, they came back crying to the Lord, however, the Lord would not listen to them because they failed to listen when Moses told them not to go (Numbers 14 – 41 -44).

Whose Report Do We Listen To

Examine Ourselves

In examining our own lives, we must ensure that we learn from Israel’s mistake/rebellion in their failure to believe and trust God.  The Lord has come through for us in the past and He has fought so many battles for us.  Battles that we did not even knew we were in.

We may and will come against obstacles &/or gaints that is occupying our promise land, however, when the Lord says go, we must go despite what we see in front of us.

If He has taken us this far, surely He is not going to leave us on our own to fight these gaints.

Whose Report Do You Listen To?

Final Thoughts

We must not be like the Israelites and go into battle without the Lord in the midst to fight along side us.  We must never take the battle in our own hands because we will lose, then we will have to suffer the consequences.  We will have to tend to our own wounds because we did not obey the voice of God when He spoke to us.

As the Scripture tells us, the battle is not yours, it is the Lords (2 Chronicles 20:15).

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